Monday, September 03, 2012

EP Review: Covers

Title:  Covers (BandCamp)
Artist:  Energy (TumblrFacebookTwitterMySpaceBandCamp, YouTube)

Boston, MA’s Energy return with their second EP of 2012 in Covers (the first being the excellent I Play for Keeps, read my review here).  Covers is a six-song EP of, you guessed it, cover songs.  The EP opens with a killer take on Dag Nasty’s “Still Waiting” and I’ve got to give Energy major props for not only covering a Dag Nasty song but one from the oft forgotten Four on the Floor album.  Up next is “Do You Wanna Dance?” a song most punk fans know thanks to a great version by the Ramones, but was originally written and performed by Bobby Freeman in 1958 (it was also recorded by the Beach Boys and Bette Midler).  “Has Been” is next and admittedly this is not a song that I was familiar with and Googling “has been” didn’t help.  According to the band the video for the song the band uploaded to YouTube, “Has Been” was originally done by Batty (yeah…I tried Googling that to no avail).  Next is a cover of the Misfits classic “Where Eagles Dare” (which is probably my favorite Misfits song) followed by Nirvana’s “Something In The Way,” both of which hold true to the excellence of the originals.  The EP closes out with Danzig’s “Black Angels, White Angels,” another song that I wasn’t familiar with but honestly besides the Misfits, I’m not a big Glenn Danzig fan.  

This is my second taste of the awesomeness of Energy and I think it is safe to say that I’m hooked.  This is a hell of a band and one that should be a must for all fans of pop punk and power pop (if not just great music in general).


Anonymous said...

has been is by Battery

Dave said...

Cool. Thanks for the info.