Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Dag Punk” by Down By Law (from All Scratched Up)
2.  “Turned On” by The Bomb (from Indecision)
3.  “It’s Alive!” by 10-4 Eleanor (from …Too Bad)
4.  “My Dear” by Belle Histoire (from Dreamers)
5.  “Dance of Days” by Embrace (from Embrace)
6.  “Showoff” by Kid Dynamite (from Kid Dynamite)
7.  “Stick ‘Em Up” by Masked Intruder (from Masked Intruder)
8.  “Too Many Buttons” by Samiam (from I Am EP)
9.  “Restraining Order” by Nerd Alert (from Demo 2009)
10.  “Pretty Good Day To Be Alive” by Marine Electric (from Restrained Joy)

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