Monday, September 03, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Unionize” by Hudson Falcons (from The Rat is Dead)
2.  “Down the Line” by The Ducky Boys (from Chemicals)
3.  “Down to Nothing” by Doug McKean (from Unquiet)
4.  “Any Minute” by One Man Army (from She’s An Alarm)
5.  “Privileged Few” by Roustabouts (from The Only One)
6.  “James 5” by Riot Squad (from Riot Squad)
7.  “Tip the Scales” by Rise Against (from Siren Song of the Counter Culture)
8.  “Pretty Good Year” by Chuck Ragan (from Chuck Ragan / Loved Ones Split)
9.  “Roir” by ALL (from Problematic)
10.  “Writing Letters” by Dead To Me (from Cuban Ballerina) 

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