Monday, September 17, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Glory Hallelujah” by Frank Turner (from England Keep My Bones)
2.  “The Milkman of Human Kindness” by Bill Bragg (from Life’s a Riot with Spy vs. Spy)
3.  “Do You Pray” by Chuck Ragan (from Feast or Famine)
4.  “Rankers & Rotters” by Dave Hause (from Resolutions)
5.  “Down to Nothing” by Doug McKean (from Unquiet)
6.  “Disappearing Girl” by 7 Seconds (from Don’t Let Me Lose Ya)
7.  “Don’t Come Around” by John Moreland (from Earthbound Blues)
8.  “23 Years Ago” by Paul Westerberg (from Folker)
9.  “Bankers Dilemma” by Tim Barry (from 40 Miler)
10.  “Harsh Realms” by Tommy Gabel (from 2012 Revival Tour Sampler)

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