Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Album Review: Sirs

Title:  Sirs (BandCamp [Sirs], Topshelf Records, BandCamp [Topshelf])
Artist:  Sirs (Facebook, Tumblr, BandCamp, Big Cartel,

Sirs' self-titled debut is a blast of high energy post hardcore punk rock.  The record opens with "Early Rider" which lives up to its name by easing the listener into the record before "Parading" kicks things into high gear.  Next is "King's English" another high energy song that is driven by the screaming vocals.  "Backscratcher" is next with an off kilter beat followed by "Like Father, Like Son" a rip roaring blast of scream filed anger.  "Eye For An Answer" begins with soft vocals (well relatively soft) with an understated guitar riff before turning into a melodic mid-tempo number.  Up next is "Crossbows and Arrows" another of the record's more melodic moments.  The record ends with "Left To Our Own Devices" Sirs sole ballad. 

Sirs is one of a slew of capable young bands playing post hardcore.  I'm not sure why so many have felt a connection to this sub-genre, other than maybe growing up on the likes of Hot Water Music, Leatherface, and At the Drive-In...either that or I just gravitate to these types of releases when I find info about them in my inbox.  Either way Sirs is a tight band and this record clearly showcases their ability. 

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