Saturday, September 08, 2012

Album Review: The Okie Indie Music Hub's Quarterly Music Sampler

Title:  The Okie Indie Music Hub's Quarterly Music Sampler (BandCamp)
Artist:  Various Artists (Facebook)

The first Okie Indie Music Hub sampler includes a wide variety of artists from the Oklahoma music scene.  The compilation opens with Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples' alt country "Thought You Noticed."  Up next is hip hop artist Alan Doyle with "Never in My Wildest Dreams" followed by electronic artist Maria Fantasma with "Human Hearts."  Joe Sixpack & The Americans is up next with the hip hop/electronic “Supah Hyptendo.”  Sticky Stranglets’ own brand of alternative rock is next with “Topsy Turvy World” followed by the hip hop of R.I.S.K. on Da Disk with “Harvest Season.”  Ira Burton adds a dark and moody element to the collection with “Pick Up the Sweettalk.”  The dark mood continues with Cubby’s “Don’t Run From Me” and Mikael Olof Jünderwater’s “With All Due Respect.”  Shani The Star brings a dreamy and trippy with “Timeless Spellspinner” while Movements closes the compilation out with the upbeat “Hey Mister.”

According to the organization’s (for lack of a better word) BandCamp page –
The Okie Indie Music Hub is an online community of musicians who have banded together to help spread the word about the independent talent here in the Sooner State. We hope that you Enjoy listening to the wide array of musicians and share the tracks you like online and in person with your friends. The way musicians make a living is ever changing and ever challenging. While this download is free, we strongly recommend supporting our artists monetarily through their personal accounts. Get into a band or mc or singer on the ground level and see what can happen when you become an active fan of artists that work hard to keep culture fresh and alive. Thank you for your time. NOW GO TELL SOME OTHER PEOPLE!!! 
One thing for sure, The Okie Indie Music Hub's Quarterly Music Sampler showcases the varied and diverse music scene in Oklahoma, which has artists from nearly every genre under the sun playing their hearts out.   

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