Monday, September 03, 2012

Album Review: Masked Intruder

Title:  Masked Intruder (BandCamp, Red Scare Industries, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  Masked Intruder (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, MySpace, ReverbNation,

Hailing from Madison, WI, Masked Intruder has produced one of the freshest, most enjoyable, and ridiculously catchy pop punk records, not only of this year but probably of this decade.  The band’s self-titled full-length debut is nothing short of spectacular.  Sure this is well covered ground, but few bands do it this well (and this is coming from someone who is an avowed fan of the genre).  Right from the outset, Masked Intruder smack you across the head with their infectious brand of power pop meets pop punk complete with tight musicianship and ‘50s doo-wop vocal harmonies.  The lyrical content is completely over the top but played with an earnest sincerity that prevents the gimmick of the band (the members are unnamed and all wear ski masks) from becoming trite shtick.  Masked Intruder is a must for any true of pop punk and power pop and easily one of the best records of 2012.

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James Fiend said...

Loving this record, they put on a great show last week at a house party, sounded just as good as the record. Can't wait to catch them again with TBR in Oct.