Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Album Review: Broad Shoulders

Title:  Broad Shoulders (Tiny Engine Records, BandCamp [Tiny Engines], Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Dikembe (Facebook, BandCamp,

Hailing from Gainesville, FL, Dikembe plays angular and melodic post hardcore with a hint of indie rock--imagine if Hot Water Music and Archers of Loaf had a kid.  The record opens softly with "Nothing.Stuff" before kicking things into gear with "Apologize Not Fucking Accepted."  "I Watch A Lot of Jackie Chan Movies" begins with a simple riff while "I Just Don't Understand What All These Kids Dig About Him" moves along with a mid-tempo assuredness.  Next up is the near ballad "Not Today, Angel" followed by another near ballad in "Librarians Kill for that Kind of Quiet."  "That's How What Works" is another mid-tempo number, while the "I'm Gonna Deck Your Halls, Bub!" kicks up the speed beginning the end.  The record closes out with "Sorry I Can't Stick Around" another upbeat number. 

Dikembe is a very capable band and Broad Shoulders is a very well executed album.  In a sub-genre that is starting to get a tad crowded, Dikembe stands out by slowing things down.  Sometimes punk bands have a tendency to always play fast songs, and while I love me some fast tunes, it's nice to see a band that is not afraid to not travel at break-neck speeds. 

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