Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 Voices I’d Love to Hear on NBC’s The Voice

My son really likes NBC’s answer to American Idol, The Voice.  Mostly he enjoys the blind audition part of the show, which I’ll admit is my favorite part as well.  For those who have never seen The Voice, the show has four celebrity coaches/team leaders who listen to people sing with their backs to the performers and if they like what they hear, they press a button on their chair to select the singer for their team (and turns their chair around to see the performer).  I’m sure this sounds a bit convoluted but the point is that the coaches only use the singer’s voice to decide whether or not to pick him/her.  Admittedly what really happens after that point, I’m not sure (after the blind auditions end I tend to lose interest).  

While watching the show with my son, I couldn’t help but wonder how some of my favorite singers would fare if they were contestants on the show.  Apparently the folks at Alternative Press had the same idea.  So with the news season starting,  I figured I’d put together my own list of 10 voices that I’d like to hear on The Voice.  

1.  Chad Price
The ALL/Drag the River singer has an amazing voice.  I could honestly listen to him sing anything because he is that unbelievably good.  

2.  John Moreland
This Tulsa, OK singer-songwriter has a strong, slightly gravely, and soulful voice and has released numerous albums solo and with his bands The Black Gold Band and The Dust Bowl Souls.  

3.  Johnette Napolitano 
The Concrete Blonde singer/bassist has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard.

4.  Jenny Lewis
The former Rilo Kiley frontwoman stepped out in Dusty Springfield-esque fashion on her solo debut album Rabbit Fur Coat and has also produced some pop gems in her latest project Jenny & Johnny.  

5.  Frank Turner
While Turner may not have the best voice out there technically speaking, but he does what he does exceptionally well and is one of the best frontmen in rock ‘n’ roll today. 

6.  Erin Austin
OK SWEETHEART's lead singer has a smooth voice the mixes elements of '60 pop with jazz.

7.  Greg Dulli
The Afghan Whigs’ frontman is the modern answer to Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding. 

8.  Tara Priya
This retro influenced indie pop singer shines on her album Goodbye, Rome

9.  Julia Nunes
A bit of an internet sensation, Nunes made a name for herself playing covers of well known songs with a ukulele.  I know it sounds crazy but she’s amazing. 

10.  Sunday Lane
Hailing from Tulsa, OK, Lane has a powerful Dolly Parton-esque voice.

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