Saturday, August 25, 2012

Underappreciated Band Alert: Two Cow Garage

Hailing from Columbus, OH, Two Cow Garage is an alt country / college rock band that started in 2001. Since then the have released five full-length albums and clocked hundreds of thousands of miles on the road. Well known, loved, and respected in alt country and punk rock circles, Two Cow Garage hasn't seen much exposure in the rest of the wider world of underground music and rock 'n' roll, which is a crying shame. All five of this band's records are chock full of passionate, heartfelt, and honest rock 'n' roll songs that should appeal to fans of The Replacements, Soul Asylum, The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Archers of Loaf, Lucero, Guided By Voices, Drag the River, Dramarama, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty just to name a few.

For more information on Two Cow Garage check out the band's official website, Facebook, MySpace,, Suburban Home Records, AllMusic, and Wikipedia pages.

Two Cow Garage "Lydia" Official Video from Suburban Home on Vimeo.

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