Thursday, August 16, 2012

Songs That I Want to Hear The Gaslight Anthem Play at Riot Fest

Next month I’ll be heading down to Dallas to attend Riot Fest.  Included on the bill are Rise Against, the Descendents, The Gaslight Anthem, Teenage Bottlerocket, and NOFX among others.  Of those bands the two that I am the most excited to see are the Descendents and The Gaslight Anthem.  Last month I put together a list of Songs That I Want to Hear the Descendents Play at Riot Fest, so now it is time to do the same for The Gaslight Anthem.  Like with my Descendents list this is in chronological order of release and includes a few covers that I’ve seen them play on YouTube.  Sadly, I’m sure that a lot of these songs won’t get played, but I can hope. 

“I Coul'da Been A Contender” (from Sink or Swim)
“Wooderson” (from Sink or Swim)
“We Came to Dance” (from Sink or Swim)
“1930” (from Sink or Swim)
“The Navesink Banks” (from Sink or Swim)
“I'da Called You Woody, Joe” (from Sink or Swim)
“Drive” (from Sink or Swim)
“We're Getting A Divorce. You Keep The Diner” (from Sink or Swim)
“Red At Night” (from Sink or Swim)
“Great Expectations” (from The ’59 Sound)
“The ’59 Sound” (from The ’59 Sound)
“Old White Lincoln” (from The ’59 Sound)
“High Lonesome” (from The ’59 Sound)
“Miles Davis & The Cool” (from The ’59 Sound)
“The Patient Ferris Wheel” (from The ’59 Sound)
“Casanova, Baby!” (from The ’59 Sound)
“Meet Me by the River's Edge” (from The ’59 Sound)
“Here's Looking at You, Kid” (from The ’59 Sound)
“American Slang” (from American Slang)
“Stay Lucky” (from American Slang)
“Bring It On” (from American Slang)
“The Diamond Church Street Choir” (from American Slang)
“Orphans” (from American Slang)
“Boxer” (from American Slang)
“The Spirit of Jazz” (from American Slang)
“We Did It When We Were Young” (from American Slang)
“Baba O'Riley” (from iTunes Session; Who cover)
“Our Fathers Sons” (from iTunes Sessions)
“State of Love and Trust” (from iTunes Sessions; Pearl Jam cover)
“45” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Version])
“Handwritten” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Here Comes My Man” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
Mulholland Drive” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Keepsake” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Too Much Blood” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Howl” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
Biloxi Parish” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Desire” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Mae” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“National Anthem” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Blue Dahlia” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition])
“Sliver” (from Handwritten [Deluxe Edition]; Nirvana cover)
“Trusty Chords” (Hot Water Music cover)
“Left of the Dial” (Replacements cover)

And as a bonus, and probably a little taste of what’s to come in Dallas, here’s The Gaslight Anthem’s performance from Live on Letterman.

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