Sunday, August 12, 2012

Favorite Song by the Album: Avail

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Avail was a melodic hardcore band that mixed elements of everything from pop punk to classic rock to post hardcore, or as AllMusic’s Jo-Ann Greene put it in her review of Front Porch Stories – “Avail slams through musical boundaries, making a nonsense of subgenres; what sounds good, what works, and what makes the biggest noise is the group's only concern, be it '70s rock, grunge, hardcore, thrash metal, punk-pop, old-school, new-school, forget school, Avail's burnt the building down, sucked up the ashes, and regurgitated them into a sound all its own.”  The band formed in 1987 and released six albums before going on what lead singer Tim Barry referred to as “permanent standby” sometime in the mid 2000’s.  During those years the band left an indelible mark on the underground music scene (especially in their hometown) and three of the best records of the 1990’s in Dixie, 4AM Friday, and Over the James.

For more information on Avail check out their official website, MySpace,, Fat Wreck Chords, Jade Tree Records, AllMusic, and Wikipedia pages.

Album:  Satiate
Favorite Song:  “March”
Honorable Mentions:  “Bob’s Crew” and “Observations.”

Album:  Dixie
Favorite Song:  “Beliefs Pile”
Honorable Mentions:  “On the Nod,” “Clone,” “Turning,” “Song,” “Sidewalk,” “25 Years,” and the band’s unbelievably amazing cover of “Pink Houses.” 

Album:  4AM Friday
Favorite Song:  “Simple Song”
Honorable Mentions:  “92,” “Armchair” (this one is a very, very close second place), “Fix,” “Hang,” and “Nameless.”

Album:  Over the James
Favorite Song:  “Scuffle Town
Honorable Mentions:  “Deepwood,” “New # 2,” “August,” “Fall Apart,” “Nickel Bridge,” “Sanctuary 13,” “S.R.O.,” “Midtown West,” “Lombardy Street,” “Vine,” “Cross Tie,” “Ask,” and “Fifth Wheel.”

Album:  One Wrench
Favorite Song:  “High Lonesome”
Honorable Mentions:  “Taken ,” “Leveled,” “Invisible,” and “Heron.”

Album:  Front Porch Stories
Favorite Song:  “West Wye”
Honorable Mentions:  “Black and Red,” “Done Reckoning,” “East on Main,” “Versus,” and “Subdued and Arrested.”

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