Saturday, August 04, 2012

EP Review: Black Love 7”

Title:  Black Love 7” (Funny / Not Funny Records)

The Cinnamon Band is a guitar and drum duo that plays striped down rock ‘n’ roll with hints of power pop and alt country.  The band’s first release on vinyl is the two song Black Love 7”.  The title track is a country twanged ditty with sparse guitars and drums but big harmonies.  “Tough Love” picks up where “Black Love” left off with minimal guitars and drums but full vocals with great harmonies.  One can hear hints of everything from classic U2 to power pop to classic country.  For a band that has so few instruments and a distinctly minimalist structure, the sound on Black Love is quite big.  What makes this band really work is the vocals.  Guitarist John Harouff and drummer Neil Campbell have found a way to make these songs sound big primarily through excellent harmonies.  Being a guitar/drum duo The Cinnamon Band is sure to get compared to the likes of The White Stripes and The Black Keys but they sound nothing like either band and have done a really good job creating their own little niche.

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