Saturday, August 25, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Thunder Rail” by Austin Lucas (from A Home In The New World)
2.  “Show Me Mary” by Catherine Wheel (from Chrome)
3.  “Screamager” by Therapy? (from Shortsharpshock EP)
4.  “Monster in the Closet” by Direct Hit! (from Domesplitter)
5.  “Bed for the Scraping” by Fugazi (from Red Medicine)
6.  “Echos Myron” by Guided By Voices (from Bee Thousand)
7.  “Fix Me” by Doughboys (from Crush)
8.  “Fire in the Rain” by Agent Orange (from This Is The Voice)
9.  “Pop Heiress Dies” by Chainsaw Kittens (from Pop Heiress)
10.  “The Save Ourselves” by 7 Seconds (from Ourselves)

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