Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favorite Song by the Album: Teenage Bottlerocket

In honor of the release of their fifth full-length album Freak Out! I decided to give TBR the Favorite Song by the Album treatment.  Hailing from Laramie, Wyoming the band was started as a trio by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle.  The trio recorded a couple of seven inch records and their full-length debut Another Way as a trio.  Eventually the brothers were joined by The Lillingtons’ former guitarist and lead singer Kody Templeman.  Now a quartet the band recorded their sophomore album, and Red Scare Industries debut, Total which included dual lead vocals by Ray and Kody adding an entire new dimension to the band’s music.  Teenage Bottlerocket recorded one more record for Red Scare, Warning Device, before signing to Fat Wreck Chords to release They Came from the Shadows and Freak Out!. 

I first discovered TBR sometime in 2009.  I picked up a copy of Warning Device and was completely blown away.  I proceeded to collect the rest of the band’s catalog and was equally impressed, especially with They Came from the Shadows.  This band’s entire discography is excellent and they are easily one of the best pop punk bands in the world.  In many cases picking a favorite song from a record was nearly impossible and often followed with a long list of honorable mentions.  TBR is one of those bands that I just can’t recommend highly enough because they are that consistent and that freaking good.

For more information on Teenage Bottlerocket check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Last.fm, Fat Wreck Chords, AllMusic, and Wikipedia pages.  You can also read my interview with the band here.

Album:  Another Way (Amazon, Interpunk, iTunes)
Favorite Song:  “Be Stag”
Honorable Mentions:  “Go-Go” and “Senior Prom.”  

Album:  Total (Amazon, Interpunk, iTunes)
Favorite Song:  “Repeat Offender”
Honorable Mentions:  “Radio,” “So Cool,” “Stupid Games,” “Lost in Space,” “Go Away,” “Blood Bath at Burger King,” and “So Far Away.”

Album:  Warning Device (Amazon, Interpunk, iTunes)
Favorite Song:  “Gave You My Heart”
Honorable Mentions:  “In the Basement,” “She’s Not the One,” “Social Life,” “Welcome to the Nuthouse,” “On My Own,” “Totally Stupid,” “Crawling Back to You,” “Warning Device,” and “Wasting Time.”

Album:  They Came from the Shadows (Amazon, Interpunk, iTunes)
Favorite Song:  “Todayo”
Honorable Mentions:  “Skate or Die,” “Don’t Want to Go,” “Do What?,” “Not OK,” “Without You,” “Tonguebiter,” “Be with You,” “The Jerk,” and “They Came from the Shadows.”

Album:  Freak Out! (Amazon, Interpunk, iTunes)
Favorite Song:  “Maverick”
Honorable Mentions:  “Headbanger,” “”Done with Love,” “Punk House of Horror,” “Never Gonna Tell You,” “Mutilate Me,” “Radical,” “Summertime,” and “Go with the Flow.”  

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