Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Favorite Song by the Album: Hudson Falcons

I’ve been a fan of New Jersey’s Hudson Falcons since 1999 when Jim at Music Dimensions eagerly told me about this amazing band that had played at the store the night before.  If memory serves he stated “The best fucking band played here last night; they were the ugliest band but the best band I’ve seen in a long time.”  After that he handed me three seven inch records and a compilation CD entitled 4 Bands from Jersey That Could Change Everything (Amazon, Interpunk, Discogs).  From that moment I was hooked and have followed the Falcons religiously ever since. 

In the past 13 years, the Hudson Falcons have released five full-length albums, one singles collection, numerous splits and EPs, and appeared on a variety of compilations.  In that time the band has progressed from an oi twinged punk band into a no frills, straight up, kick ass rock ‘n’ roll band.  For those who have never heard the Falcons, imagine if Stiff Little Fingers, The Devil Dogs, The Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen had a jam session. 

For this post I’m sticking to the full-length albums and the singles collection.  Sadly this just scratches the surface of this band’s tremendous output.  Hopefully they will put together another singles collection sometime soon (hint, HINT!) and it appears that a “best-of” type of compilation was released earlier this year entitled Sleep, Drive, Rock ‘n’ Roll Repeat (Amazon, Interpunk)—needless to say that’s going on my “to purchase” list.    

For more information on the Hudson Falcons check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, ReverbNation,, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, and AllMusic pages. 

Album:  Desperation & Revolution (Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe)
Favorite Song:  “Free Lori”
Honorable Mentions:  “Working Class War,” “Worker Fate,” “Monahan’s,” “Jersey City,” “Alter of the Open Road,” “Revolution,” and “Abandoned Vets.” 

Album:  For Those Whose Hearts and Souls Are True (Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe)
Favorite Song:  “Disciples of Soul” (This is probably my favorite HF song.)
Honorable Mentions:  “Different Breed,” “Requiem for a Patriot,” “Scab,” “I’m a Worker,” “Loyalty,” and “Wild Hearts.”  The record also includes three killer covers – “Johnny Law,” “Stay with Me,” and “Open All Night.”

Album:  La Famiglia (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, CD Universe)
Favorite Song:  “Jersey City Streets”
Honorable Mentions: “La Famiglia,” “Never Compromise,” “Fight the Good Fight,” “Little Bit of Faith,” “The Right Way,” and “Latin Knights.”

Album:  Singles Collection 1997-2002 (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, CD Universe)
Favorite Song:  “Drinkin’ with the Band”*
Honorable Mention:  “Rocks Off,” “26+6=1,” “Basque in the Moonlight,” and “No Denial.”  The CD also contains excellent covers of “”Take ‘Em as They Come,” “Baby, I’m a King,” and “Janie Jones.”

Album:  Desire to Burn (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Favorite Song:  “Lonely Girl”
Honorable Mentions:  “Desire to Burn,” “Night,” “One Thing,” “Drinkin’ with the Band,” “We’ll Survive,” “Lost Soul in the Rain,” and “Back Out on the Road.”

Album:  Dancing Underneath the Moonlight (I Hate People Records, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Favorite Song:  “Don’t Let the Bastards Bring You Down”
Honorable Mentions:  “Another Night,” “Last Chance Afternoon,” “Interstate Bound,” “Little Wild Heart,” “Mile Marker 141,” and “South Dakota Nights.” 

* Singles Collection 1997-2002 contains the original versions of the songs “Latin Knights” (which appeared on La Famiglia) and “Drinkin’ with the Band” (which appeared on Desire to Burn), among others.  Both of these songs appeared on the seven inch records that introduced me to the band, thus these versions hold a special place in my heart, especially “Drinkin’ with the Band” which I have requested every time I’ve seen them play live and was ecstatic to see it included on Desire to Burn.   


Otter Limits said...

"Free Lori" is probably my favorite Hudson Falcons song.

I listened to quite a bit of their stuff last night and I would have to say that Desperation & Revolution is my favorite album. At least for now.

Dave said...

I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite Hudson Falcons' record. I really like each record for different reasons. "Free Lori" was one of the first songs of their's that I fell in love with. It was on the 4 Bands from Jersey That Could Change Everything split and then re-recorded for Desperation & Revolution. That split also included an amazing cover of "Knock Yourself Out."

Were you able to hear any of "Open All Night?" It's a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song that the was on the Boss' Nebraska record. The Falcons' cover is tight and almost manic. It was on For Those Whose Hearts and Souls Are True. The lineup that recorded that record was my favorite HF lineup. I got to see them play in that version of the band quite a few times and they always shredded.