Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EP Reviews: Resolutions. Heavy Heart, Pray for Tucson, and Time Will Tell

Titles:  Resolutions (Record Store Day); Heavy Heart (Amazon, iTunes); Pray for Tucson (Amazon, iTunes); Time Will Tell (Amazon, iTunes)

One of my favorite records on 2011 was Dave Hause’s solo debut Resolutions.  The record was passionate, catchy, and just great rock ‘n’ roll music.  In 2012, Hause embarked on a new project where he has taken the ten songs from Resolutions, re-recorded them, and released them on five different seven inch record EPs on five different record labels.  Each release also includes covers of two songs by artists from each label.  The first EP released in this series was the Resolutions EP released on Record Store Day by SideOneDummy Records and includes the title track along with “Melanin” and covers of Flogging Molly’s “Whistles the Wind” and Oklahoma’s own Audra Mae’s “The River.”  The Heavy Heart EP was released next on Jade Tree Records includes the title track, “Rankers & Rotters” and covers of The Promise Ring’s “Skips a Beat (Over You)” and Jets to Brazil’s “Psalm.”  The Pray for Tucson EP was released on Bridge Nine Records and included the title track, the heartfelt “Years from Now” (one of my favorite Hause songs), and covers of The Trouble’s “We Are the Blood” and Strike Anywhere’s “First Will and Testament.”  The latest EP in the series to be released was Time Will Tell on Chunksaah Records which included the title track, “Meet Me in the Lanes” and covers of The Bouncing Souls’ “Ghosts on the Boardwalk” and Detournement’s “Odessa.”  The other EPs in this series will be released throughout the rest of 2012. 

This series is one of the coolest sets of releases to come out in a long time.  I love the concept of covering songs originally released by the artists on each record label along with the re-recorded versions of the original tracks.  In this case I think Hause has brought his unique voice to some already great songs, making these releases a must for any fan.  For those new to Hause’s work, the Resolutions full-length is probably a better place to start (if for no other reason than it is one purchase versus four).  For those who are fans of any of the artists that Hause covered, I highly suggest giving the EP with said cover a listen, you might just find a new artist to love.  

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