Friday, July 06, 2012

EP Review: Sports EP

Title:  Sports EP (BandCamp)
Artist:  Speedy Ortiz (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp,

Hailing from Northampton, MA, Speedy Ortiz plays fuzzy early ‘90s style indie rock in the vein of Pavement, early Liz Phair, Bratmobile, and Throwing Muses.  The band’s debut EP Sports is five songs of fuzzy excellence that actually has nothing to do with sports despite song titles like “Baseball,” “Indoor Soccer,” and “Curling.”  Speedy Ortiz’s music is driven by two things: 1) the fuzzy guitar double team of guitarist Matt Robidoux and lead singer/guitarist Sadie Dupuis and 2) Sadie Dupuis’ sweet, yet ferocious vocals (which remind me a lot of Liz Phair circa Exile in Guyville and Whip-Smart). 

With ‘90s nostalgia in full swing, Speedy Ortiz is certainly one of the best bands channeling the music of 20 years ago while bringing their own flair and voice to the sound.  In other words, while Speedy Ortiz takes a lot of influence from the bands of my youth, they are not a knock off or rip-off act.  This is a band with a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. 

For those of you in the Norman, OK area, Speedy Ortiz will be playing at Opolis on Saturday 7/7 with Sonic Violence and CHUD.  It should be a great show.  

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Bag of Hammers said...

they rocked last night in Arlington, Texas. If you're undecided about what to do tonight let me help you make up your mind. You go to this show or totally regret it.