Monday, July 23, 2012

EP Review: Dead Ending

Artist:  Dead Ending (Facebook, Twitter,

What happens when the bassist from Rise Against, the drummer from Alkaline Trio, the guitarist from Noise By Numbers and The Bomb, and the singer from Articles of Faith get together and form a band?  You get some of the most brutal hardcore (the non-metal variety) to come out in a long time.  Dead Ending’s self-titled debut is  five songs of pounding hardcore that sounds like it was made by folks who grew up listening to Youth of Today, Sick Of It All, and Gorilla Biscuits but didn’t go off the deep end.  These songs are aggressive, the production is tight, and the energy level is extremely high.  This is a great album for fans of ‘80s hardcore or bands like OFF! and Classics of Love. 

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