Tuesday, July 24, 2012

EP Review: Birdfeeder

Title:  Birdfeeder (BandCamp, Big Cartel)
Artist:  Big Awesome (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, BandCamp, Last.fm)

Hailing from Bluffton, SC, Big Awesome plays a hybrid style of post hardcore, pop punk, and emo not unlike The Menzingers, but not exactly like them either (in an interview with AMP Magazine they were compared to Transit, but somewhere along the way I missed the Transit boat).  Big Awesome has been compared to the likes of The Promise Ring, Samiam, Braid, and the aforementioned Menzingers, and I can hear hints of each (excluding Braid who I’ve never listened to) in Birdfeeder but the songs are constructed so that they show their influence but aren’t direct copies either.  The EP’s four songs are angular and off kilter, most likely born of frustration.  The EP’s standout moment is the closing track “Living With Love,” the most overtly poppy song off the bunch.  Fans of any of the band’s mentioned above should give Big Awesome a listen.

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