Monday, July 30, 2012

Album Review: The EP LP

Title:  The EP LP (Tiny Engines Records, BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Best Practices (Facebook, BandCamp,

Hailing from Providence, RI, Best Practices play a hyperactively brutal mix of hardcore punk, garage rock, post hardcore, and indie/college rock.  The first thing that hits you when listening to The EP LP is the urgency in the music and the vocals.  The nine song record clocks in at about 12 minutes and not a second is wasted.  There are angular guitars, angry screaming vocals, and fast drumming, so at first anything outside of hardcore and post hardcore isn’t that evident.  With multiple listens one can hear the garage rock structure to the songs and the influence of ‘80s college and indie rock.  Best Practices is a band that knows their craft and plays it well.  It will be interesting to see how their songwriting and playing evolves over time.  The only downside to The EP LP is the vocals.  I’m not a huge fan of screaming vocals and it is safe to say that Best Practices is really good at the screaming.  Now this is just a personal taste thing because I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that will really like these vocals.  Other than that, and at times the vocals do work really well, The EP LP is a solid release.     

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