Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 Questions with NA!RA

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, NA!RA is an Afrobeat Fusion Rap recording artist, songwriter, and cinematographer.  Her latest release is the Put Me On EP which is available through BandCamp.  Naira will be performing at the Free Tulsa Music Festival on July 27th.    

For more information on NA!RA check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and BandCamp pages.

Dave:  When did you first learn to play and write music? 

NA!RA:  I started writing poetry in elementary school which morphed in music right around the 5th grade. 

Dave:  Your music mixes a variety of different styles.  What drives you to write this type of music? 

NA!RA:  Its crazy! Everything inspires me and because I love a wide variety of music, the music I create pulls from that place. 

Dave:  Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

NA!RAI'm a very moody artist and depending on my mood, I write in that emotional space while its still raw. After a chat with my producers, they seek out sounds that tell a certain story and need me to complete it with words. 

The instrumental typically strikes me off the bat and is on repeat on my blackberry until I'm done writing and arranging the song. 

Dave:  According to your Facebook page, you are signed to Avant-Garde Exchange.  How did you get hooked up with the label? 

NA!RAAGX is a multimedia company that I created to house my creative passions. I work with an incredible team and collectively push the envelope of creativity through education, digital media and performing arts.

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the state of the music industry?

NA!RAInnovation in music are making it very very bright for indies. Artists are finally given the opportunity to express whatever they feel whenever and however they deem fit. Less confines and more self exploration. 

Dave:  What have been your favorite places to play live?

NA!RAFestivals are definitely my fav. People come out with the intent to have a blast! No inhibitions and unafraid to be vocal. 

Dave:  You will be playing the Free Tulsa Music Festival on July 27th.  How did you come to be part of the event?  Is this your first time playing in Oklahoma?

NA!RAMy manager proposed the opportunity to play Free Tulsa Fest and experience the adventure of Oklahoma for the first time and I can't wait. 

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top 5 favorite bands/artists, albums, movies, television shows, books/authors?

NA!RAArtists/Bands: Sade, Prince, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Movies:Coming to America, Anchorman, Love Jones, Jenifa, Matrix

- The Celestine Prophecies & The Tenth Insight- James Redfield
- Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe
- The Bluest Eyes - Toni Morrison
- Half of the Yellow Sun - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
- Watu Wazuri - Olamma Oparah

Dave:  What’s next for you? 

NA!RAThis fall I'll be shooting and directing lots of videos and promoting the release of my album, FEARLESS: the Art of Letting Go. Of course there will be traveling and performing on tour is called "the Tap-N-Tour". This tour is different from all sorts!!! As part of the tour, I'll be doing a workshop which will allow me the unique opportunity to share my knowledge of film and video multimedia with several youngsters across the globe. I'll be doing a big fundraiser via Indiegogo very soon to help take the experience to several of my tour stops in different countries. I'm so excited about this amazing opportunity, and hope you'll stay tuned (  and support!

Dave:  Any final thoughts? 

NA!RA:  Thanks for the privilege of your time. Salute! 

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