Sunday, June 17, 2012

Underappreciated Band Alert: Sicko

Hailing from Seattle, WA Sicko was the pop punk band that wasn’t afraid to admit that they loved the likes of Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads, and Soul Asylum.  Back in the mid-‘90s folks in punk rock tried to disavow anything that had been part of the early’90s alternative explosion, preferring to listen to punk and only punk (thank you MRR).  Sicko was the exception to that rule.  Here was a band that took as much from college and indie rock as they did punk.  Now 20 years later, bands in this same vein are heralded as brilliant.  Listening to Sicko’s catalog now and one can easily hear the seeds that have since germinated into the likes of The Thermals, Cheap Girls, Great Cynics, Broadcaster, and Candy Hearts.

What made Sicko so great, aside from their visionary take on the genre, was their fantastic, honest, and fun songs.  Those songs sounded great then and sound just as fresh and vibrant now. 

For more information on Sicko check out their official website, Facebook group, YouTube, MySpace,, AllMusic, and Wikipedia pages.  Also check out my posts The Greatest Pop Punk Bands That Didn’t Get Their Due and The Top 10 Most Underrated Pop Punk Bands; Sicko is ranked high on both.

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