Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Sad Day for Talk Radio: Click & Clack Announce Retirement

For over 35 years Tom and Ray Magliozzi have entertained millions as the voices behind NPR’s Car Talk, one of the funniest and most entertaining hours you will ever find on your radio dial.  Sadly that amazing run is coming to an end—Click and Clack announced their plans to retire in September.

From the story –
For 25 years, millions of listeners have tuned their radios every weekend to hear two MIT-trained brothers talk about rusty Dodge Darts, settle automotive bets between spouses and concoct puzzlers in the third half of their show, the most popular hour of NPR programming. Today, Tom and Ray Magliozzi announced they're retiring from "Car Talk" this September -- but you should expect to hear them on the radio for years to come, whether you want to or not.

According to NPR, the brothers say time has finally convinced them to stop pretending to work and worry full time about boat payments, what with Tom Magliozzi turning 75 this year. The duo has been taping "Car Talk" from WBUR in Boston for 35 years, and have grown their banter into a sizable business with Website, merchandise, newspaper column and even a short-lived animated series.


At its peak, "Car Talk" generated more than 30,000 callers a month, and ran on nearly every NPR radio station nationwide. As everyone who's ever listened to the show knows, "Car Talk" is a comedy with some automotive advice on the side. The weekly banter honed by the Magliozzis over decades of radio, old cars and divorces matches that from any great comedy duo in broadcast history. And for the occasional embarrassments captured in the weekly "Stump the Chumps" feature, the car advice was often not just accurate but fearless; Click and Clack aren't afraid to call a car junk nor drown some mechanic's costly repair estimate in shouts of "bogus!"

NPR says much like the old cars Ray Magliozzi prefers, it will keep "Car Talk" running after September by re-cutting pieces of the best shows of the past…

Car Talk is something that I look forward to every week and I am very sad that come September, new episodes will be a thing of the past.  Enjoy your retirement Tom and Ray.  Your voices will be missed.

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