Saturday, June 16, 2012

Filmage (the Descendents/ALL Documentary) Gets New Teaser

The Descendents/ALL documentary Filmage is one step closer to hitting the big screens according to the film's website.  
O worshipers of the mighty ALL...
Nearly two years ago we rolled tape on the first of more than 40 interviews in an attempt to tell the story of not only our favorite band but some of the most over-achieving and under-documented people in music history. So it is with great pride that we present this preview of our upcoming feature-length documentary, FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL.
Now, to address the question that has (lovingly) plagued us from the get-go: WHEN CAN WE SEE THE MOVIE ALREADY, YOU JERKS!?... As you well know, the story of this band’s 33-year career is vast. And our objective has been to touch on all aspects, diving deeply as often as we could. So when you put that up against the backdrop of four dudes working out of their own pocket during the hours after their “real” jobs have ceased, you can maybe see why this movie wasn’t finished in the blink of an eye. 
That being said, a commercial release date remains undetermined at this time. We will spend the upcoming months touring the festival circuit and figuring out the best means of distribution. However, until that is decided, we are excited to announce plans to hold public screenings of the movie in select cities across the country later this year, beginning with a premiere in the band’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Dates and theatres are still being nailed down, so please watch this space for details. And if you have the means to help produce a screening in your town, please contact us. We want nothing more than for everyone to have a chance to see the film that we have dedicated the last two years of our lives to. 
Also, we wish to thank “official” DESCENDENTS/ALL artist, Chris Shary, for providing the artwork for the film (seen above). For years Chris has been drawing album covers, t-shirt designs, bonus cups, and much more for the band, and once again he has knocked it out of the park. It’s always nice to see Milo and Allroy sharing a moment.
Speaking of sharing, please share this video with anyone you know who may be a fan, or anyone who might be interested in discovering one of the most important foundations of punk rock. Shares equal "likes." And "likes" equal interest from studios. And interest from studios equals THIS MOVIE COMING SOON!
Stay with us. Only 98 more cups to go!
Needless to say, I am ridiculously excited to see this film.  ALL is by far my favorite band and anyone who knows me or who has read any of my favorite band posts knows that I am an obsessive fan (often I'm a blubbering fanboy).  I own all of ALL's catalog, all of the Descendents' catalog, Stephen Egerton's solo record, Chad Price's solo record, and much of Drag the River's, Scott Reynolds', The Pavers', Goodbye Harry's, and Down By Law's catalogs (some of which is not easy to obtain).  About the only thing I don't have is an Allroy tattoo (though if I was to ever get a tat, that is what I'd get).

Filmage's latest trailer is another sneak peak into what is sure to be an amazing documentary.  I especially love that this film addresses both bands and shows that they really are two sides of the same coin.  And to illustrate that point, I've also included the video for the Chad and Milo duet version of "Silence."  Now if we could just get the band to put together a video collection DVD and a collection of b-sides, compilation, and unreleased tracks.  Oh and a new album would be nice too.      

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