Thursday, June 14, 2012

EP Review: Second H. Sam

Title:  Second H. Sam (BandCamp, Shit Music for Shit People Records, Amazon)
Artist:  Second H. Sam (Facebook, BandCamp, SoundCloud,

Second H. Sam is the lo fi psychedelic minimalist blues project of Samuele Gottardello.  Drawing influence from the likes of Johnny Cash, Beck, Nick Cave, Townes Van Zandt, and Thurston Moore, Gottardello has created a dark vibe that blends everything from blues to goth to indie rock to ‘60s psychedelic to country creating a unique cocktail of sounds.  Second H. Sam is a four song EP that trudges through the dark corners of these various genres without ever feeling slow, no matter the tempo of the song.  While this isn’t the kind of record that you put on to dance to, it is a fascinating mixture of sounds that is one of the more unique releases of 2012.  

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