Monday, June 11, 2012

EP Review: Goodbye, Romeo

Title:  Goodbye, Romeo (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby)

Tara Priya’s Goodbye, Romeo is as refreshing and fun as it is different and honest.  Priya has one of those amazing voices that grabs you and pulls you in.  Stylistically Goodbye, Romeo is retro influenced indie pop, and by retro I’m talking hints of pre-rock ‘n’ roll pop, soul, and doo wop.  In a lot of ways this record really reminds me of OK SWEETHEART’s Home and Priya will certainly be compared to the likes of She & Him, The Pipettes, Amy Winehouse, and Jenny & Johnny, though I’d argue that what she is doing is leaps and bounds above She & Him and different enough from the others to be in a class all by herself.

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