Sunday, June 03, 2012

Album Review: Soundproof Box

Title:  Soundproof Box (Official)
Artist:  Ami Saraiya & The Outcome (Official, Facebook, MySpace, CD Baby,

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome’s upcoming second full-length Soundproof Box, due out on June 19th, is a truly unique mixture of off-kilter indie pop, jazz, and Vaudeville show tunes.  Saraiya’s voice is powerful and sultry and the driving force of the record and has garnered her comparisons to the likes of Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf.  One thing this record is not is a rock ‘n’ roll record.  This is jazz and pop (in the pre-rock sense) and Broadway sung with a purpose and desire to drive the point home.  The passion on Soundproof Box is undeniable and permeates everything from the unique instrumentations to the commanding vocals making it one of the most interesting records on 2012.

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