Monday, June 04, 2012

Album Review: Growth and Squalor

Title:  Growth and Squalor (Bag Cartel, Deep Elm Records, Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe)

Aside from having a name that is incredibly hard to Google, Accents is a two piece indie folk group made up of TJ Foster and Ben Hemingway of the band The Cast Before The Break.  The band’s full-length debut, Growth and Squalor, is a lush record with crooning vocals.  Despite being recorded (mostly) by a duo, this is a record complete with full band instrumentation giving the songs a depth that belies the size of the group.  The album’s standout moment is the simple and desperate “Around.”  Accents has been compared to groups like The National and Iron & Wine.  Admittedly those are both bands that I have completely missed out on, so my point of reference for Accents is limited.  That having been said, Growth and Squalor, is an interesting listen and sure to please fans of this genre.  

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