Friday, May 18, 2012

EP Review: Walk the Talk

Title:  Walk the Talk (Official, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  William Beckett (Official, Facebook, Twitter,, PureVolumeWikipedia)

Former lead singer of The Academy Is..., William Beckett has produced a debut EP of pop gems that sound like a mix of Journey, fun., and Beck.  I never listened to The Academy Is... so I have no point of reference for Beckett's previous work, which may be a good thing.  Going into Walk the Talk with zero expectations helped me enjoy what really is a fantastic little EP.  The EP opens with "Compromising Me" (see below) which AP described as "the best country electro-pop song Beck never wrote," which is completely true.  Next is the swaggering dance of "Girl, You Should Have Been a Drummer" followed by the almost Jackson 5-esque anthem "Oh, Love!" (which he should seriously perform as a medley or mashup with "I Want You Back").  The EP closes out with "You Never Give Up" a haunting ballad. 

Overall Walk the Talk is an excellent debut EP.  These are songs that I could easily see becoming huge hits or at the very least covered on Glee

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