Tuesday, May 01, 2012

DVD Review: Time Expired

Title:  Time Expired (Official, IMDB, Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia)

Time Expired is a touching and quirky comedy about a simple man coming to terms with a terminal illness.  Randall, played by Eric Starkey, is a parking enforcement officer at O State (a fictitious university that looks a lot like OU) who learns that he has terminal heart disease.  Throughout the film he deals with the antics of his crazy best friend Jay (Topher Owen), his girlfriend Sasha (Carrie Slaughter), and his obsessive mother Corinna (Rebekah Turner), all the while Randall just wants to do his job and go about his daily routine.

Filmed in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond, Time Expired is a wonderful and unique film about dealing with the end of life and accepting, enjoying, and taking pride in your place in the world.  Some of the most touching moment are the scenes between Randall and sub-shop worker Brenda (played by Laura Spencer).  Also Owen’s Jay is an absolute riot to watch.  Starkey’s portrayal of Randall is expertly executed, showing the parking enforcement officer as a simple man while at the same time creating a character that is far from simpleminded.  In many ways that’s what truly drives this film; a main character that has simple desires and strong convictions, a man who just wants to live out his days doing what he loves.  

Written and produced by Oklahoma native Rachel Tucker, Time Expired beautifully captures the often idiosyncratic nature of Okies.  The locations set the perfect tone for the film’s off-beat nature and characters while at the same time flawlessly portrays the flavor of life in Oklahoma (much in the same way that Sling Blade depicted life in small town Arkansas).

Time Expired is a superb movie that is a joy to watch.  It is unique in vision and its independent execution proves that anyone with a great idea and a lot of heart and passion can make an excellent movie.  

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