Saturday, May 26, 2012

Album Review: Write a New Song

Title:  Write a New Song (Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby)
Artist:  Efren (Official, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, MySpace,, CD Baby)   

Hailing from Athens, GA, Efren plays southern, country twinged, Americana rock ‘n’ roll music complete with whiskey doused gravelly vocals.  The band’s latest album Write a New Song is an ode to hard living, drinking, and life on the road.  The band is tight and the singing is earnest making this a great record for fans of Lucero, Tow Cow Garage, and Drag the River.  Standout moments include “Family Tree of Recovery,” “Lily-Anna,” “Old Mountain Road,” “Ribbons,” the title track, and the fantastic “If My Heart Don’t Fail Me” (see below).  

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derek said...

these guys rock! really they do. i been a fan since the first time i seen em play at machiavellis, im happy to see them progress and grow. its amazing what a bottle of whiskey and a guitar can create.