Thursday, May 17, 2012

Album Review: On Mars

Title:  On Mars (Dirtnap Records, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  Mean Jeans (FacebookTwitterMySpace,

Portland, OR’s Mean Jeans have produced one of the catchiest Ramones inspired pop punk records of the year in On Mars.  What makes On Mars stand out is the fact that it is not driven by the Ramones influence.  This record owes as much to early Elvis Costello and The Beach Boys as it does the Ramones.  This record is as much a power pop record as it is a pop punk record.  These songs have some incredibly infectious hooks and choruses and are destined to be blared out of car windows on drives to the beach.  In fact, this record drips of summer.  These songs are fun and a much for any great summer record collection/MP3 player playlist.

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