Saturday, May 26, 2012

Album Review: Myth Is This

Title:  Myth Is This (Trashy Creatures Records, BandCamp [Trash Creatures], BandCamp [Tiger High])

The first thing that kits you on Tiger High’s full-length debut Myth Is This is the wall of sound guitar ala The Jesus & Mary Chain and it would be easy enough to stop there with the comparisons.  The opening track, “Why Oh Why,” would fit perfectly in-between “Allison” by the Pixies and My Bloody Valentine’s “Only Shallow,” but as one listens to the rest of the record other influences become apparent.  Sure most aren’t as blatant as the wall of sound fuzz on the opening track but there are definite elements of soul, psychedelia, ‘60s Phil Spector-style pop,  and ‘90s lo-fi indie rock.  The vastness of Tiger High’s sound probably comes from their hometown of Memphis, TN.  Living in a city that steeped in musical history as got to leave a mark on any artist and Tiger High has found a way to mix elements that one might not normally think would work well together.  Myth Is This’ lead single, “Carry My Love” (see below) also happens to be one of the standout moments on the record.  Another stellar moment is the infectious “Vipers” which is probably the best song The Jesus & Mary Chain never wrote, while “Don’t Want To See You Till You Go” is a rockin’ number in the vein of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb era U2 and “Riding the Wave” has a distinct surf feel to it.  The record closes out with the incredibly fun "Hot Black Honda."

Tiger High has done an excellent job of mixing very divergent styles in creating their own sound.  In doing so they have put together a fine debut on Myth Is This; a record that is sure to rank high on a number of end-of-the-year-best-of lists.

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