Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Album Review: Bad Lucky

Title:  Bad Lucky (BandCamp, Just Say No to Government Music Records, Dirt Cult Records, Drunken Sailor Records, Interpunk)
Artist:  The Magnificent (Official, Facebook, MySpace, BandCamp)  

The Magnificent is a band from northern England that plays straight forward punk rock with a bit of ’77 style flair (and occasional ska influenced riffs).  The band’s latest album, Bad Lucky, is 10 songs of punk rock awesomeness.  Upon first listen, Bad Lucky reminded me of War Birth era U.S. Bombs, later I then heard White Crosses era Against Me!, and since then I’ve heard everything from Leatherface to The Bouncing Souls to Cock Sparrer to Stiff Little Fingers.  There’s no doubt that The Magnificent’s sound is steeped in British rock ‘n’ roll history, much like fellow UK band Sharks, but this band is hardly a simple rip off group.  The Magnificent have taken these great influences, internalized them, and made this music their own (much like how bands like Buffalo Tom and Nirvana took the music of Husker Du, internalized it, and created a sound that add their own unique voices to an existing tradition).  This music is fresh and familiar all at the same time and that is what makes it so good.  Putting together a record that sounds like a bunch of other bands is fairly common but making a record that pays homage while sounding fresh and vibrant at the same time—that takes talent.  The Magnificent have that talent and Bad Lucky is a testament to not only this band’s ability but to the glory of rock ‘n’ roll.      

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