Friday, April 20, 2012

EP Review: The Trip, Side 3, Watching the World End

Title:  The Trip, Side 3, Watching the World End (BandCamp, Amazon)
Artist:  Dr. Pants (Official, BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube,

Dr. Pants return with the third side of their latest LP project, The Trip, in the EP The Trip, Side 3, Watching the World End.  The band is on the midst of releasing their latest album piecemeal by putting it out as four separate EPs before being released as a proper record (you can read my reviews of the first two EPs here and here, as well as David Broyles’ explanation of the project in our interview here). 

Watching the World End opens with “Robot Spiders,” a song about a mad scientist looking for love but who gets constantly gets shot down after explaining to his dates that he builds killer spider robots for a living.  The song is really catchy and provides the line for which this EP takes its name.  The rest of the EP is pretty typical Dr. Pants—silly and catchy songs in the vein of They Might Be Giants and Weezer.  The song “No Funkies” is a definite standout if for no other reason because it is ridiculously funny.  The EPs last track “I Am Yours” shows off the band’s softer side (not sonically but lyrically). 

With the release of each new EP, I am warming up more and more to the craziness that is Dr. Pants.  This is a very talented and quirky band that knows how to put together some catchy hooks with nerdy lyrics.  One last EP to go; I’m looking forward to hearing Side 4.      

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