Saturday, April 14, 2012

EP Review: Someone That’s Not You

Title:  Someone That’s Not You (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  I Call Fives (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, PureVolume)

Hailing from New Jersey, I Call Fives is a modern pop punk band that has been compared to the likes of All Time Low, New Found Glory, and The Wonder Years.  Right up front I’m going to admit that I’ve never really listened to any of those bands.  I’ve heard bits and pieces of New Found Glory but all three of those bands came up when I was listening to other things (they were part of that emo, pop punk mixture that exploded in the early 2000’s) and thus have completely missed that boat.  So going into this review, I’m probably at a bit of a disadvantage since I’m not familiar with the bands that probably influenced I Call Fives (now the bands that influenced those other bands I do know but that’s another matter entirely).

Someone That’s Not You opens with the very catchy title track setting the stage for the entire EP.  These songs are catchy, tight, and slick with harmonies in all the right places, great guitar licks, and tons of energy.  The EP’s standout track is probably the extremely catchy “Backup Plan” (see below).  Another great moment is the band’s cover of Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Gonna Be.”  Admittedly I wouldn’t have known this was a cover if it hadn’t been mentioned in Dying Scene’s review of the EP.  By the time band’s like Third Eye Blind hit the scene in the late 1990’s I’d given up on what can only be described as mainstream alternative rock bands and radio (as if that isn’t a huge oxymoron).  I looked up the original version of the song and while it wasn’t terrible, it was fairly generic ‘90s alt rock.  I Call Fives improved this song 100%.  There’s also an acoustic song on the EP, “Lakeview.”

Overall Someone That’s Not You is a pretty good EP from a band that is obviously really good at what they do.  I Call Fives will be releasing a full-length album later this year and I’m certainly interested in giving it a listen.  Since I mentioned earlier that I’m not familiar with the band’s that I Call Fives often get compared to, their sound did remind me of two other modern pop punk bands -- Courage My Love and We Are The In Crowd.

Thanks to Late Night Sing-Alongs for the find.

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