Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Let Me Live” by The Typist (from Midwestern High Life)
2.  “Underground” by Tiger Waves (from Don’t Be Yourself [EP])
3.  “Hiding” by Cobra Skulls (from Agitations)
4.  “Overcome” by FurnaceFace (from unsafe@anyspeed)
5.  “Break My Heart” by La Sera (from Sees the Light)
6.  “Sunday Suit” by Hot Water Music (from A Flight and a Crash)
7.  “Always Forever” by Hunx (from Hairdresser Blues)
8.  “Silver & Gold” by Lightships (from Electric Cables)
9.  “Fine Foods Market” by Tim Barry (from 40 Miler)
10.  “No Company Town” by U.S. Bombs (from War Birth)

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