Sunday, April 08, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Let Me Live” by The Typist (from Midwestern High Life)
2.  “Not Fine” by Armchair Martian (from Good Guys, Bad Band)
3.  “Wish I Could” by Featherweight (from Not Waving But Drowning)
4.  “Turn It Around” by Joyride (from Johnny Bravo)
5.  “Wayfarer” by The Bouncing Souls (from The Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music Split)
6.  “Kinds of Love” by Royal Headache (from Royal Headache)
7.  “What Girls Want” by Material Issue (from Destination Universe)
8.  “Harnessed in Slums” by Archers of Loaf (from Vee Vee)
9.  “Thunder Rail” by Austin Lucas (from A New Home in the Old World)
10.  “Stay Beautiful” by Manic Street Preachers (Generation Terrorist)

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