Friday, April 20, 2012

Album Review: Time Capsule II

Title:  Time Capsule II (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic)
Artist:  Oberhofer (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, PureVolume, AllMusic)

Oberhofer’s full-length debut Time Capsule II is an ambitious record in its grandiose nature.  This record is the sound of a lo-fi indie rock band getting to work with a big-time producer (in this case Steve Lillywhite, best know for his work with U2).  The result is a sound that is large.  Time Capsule II’s best moments are the upbeat ones like “Cruising FDR” a fun bubblegum pop number and the fantastic “Landline.”  In a lot of ways Oberhofer reminds me of Vampire Weekend.  There’s a lot going on in Time Capsule II and it is sure to be a record that will garner Oberhofer a lot of fans for its exuberance and over-the-top nature (if not for its catchy songs). 

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