Friday, April 13, 2012

Album Review: Soundshine

Title:  Soundshine (Official, Kool Kat Musik, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  David Myhr (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpaceBandCamp, YouTube,

David Myhr’s solo debut Soundshine is power pop gold.  Now just to clarify, Myhr’s brand of power pop is more in line with the likes of The Beatles, The Monkees, and early Elvis Costello than with bands like Cheap Trick.  What’s the mean exactly?  Well the songs on Soundshine are driven more by beautiful harmonies and melodies than garage rock guitar work.  In other words, this record is heavy on the pop.  There is also a tremendous sense of the theatrical in Soundshine (kind of like if Meat Loaf hailed from Sweden, which is where Mr. Myhr is from).  Many of these songs sound like they were designed for and/or destined to be in musicals.  Just listen to “I Love the Feeling” and tell me that you can’t picture a huge dance number going along to that song.  Other standout moments include “Don’t Say No,” “Looking for a Life,” “Got You Where He Wanted,” and “Cut to the Chase” but honestly the entire album is quite good.  For fans of power pop, Soundshine is a must and will probably be one of your favorite records of 2012.

Thanks to Absolute Powerpop for the find.

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