Sunday, April 15, 2012

Album Review: Scissor Hissy

Title:  Scissor Hissy (BandCamp, Amazon, CD Baby, CD Universe)

Sticky Stranglets is an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City.  The band’s debut record, Scissor Hissy, is an ode to doing things yourself; the band recorded, produced, and released the album completely on their own.  Sonicly, Sticky Stranglets are a band that sounds like they grew up on and love them some ‘90s alternative rock.  Depending on the song, Scissor Hissy goes from a fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins vibe to a funky Faith No More vibe to a bouncy Dave Matthews Band vibe.  There are also darker hints of things like Type O Negative (see “Inertia”) and a smidgen of Alice In Chains meets Morrissey (on “There Is”).  What Sticky Stranglets does well is mixes these divergent influences to create a sound and vibe that is all their own.  I’m definitely interested to see what this band does next.    

Check out my interview with Sticky Stranglets here.  

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pharmacy said...

Even with that awful cover is a great album!