Monday, April 16, 2012

Album Review: Pig Factory

Title:  Pig Factory (BandCamp, Animal Style Records, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  The Fake Boys (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, BandCamp,

Hailing from Lowell, MA The Fake Boys are a band that mixes elements of pop punk, indie rock, and garage rock with a pinch of glam for good measure.  When listening to Pig Factory, the band really reminded me of someone but for the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then this morning I was listening to the record while taking my morning walk and it hit me – the Chainsaw Kittens.  Just take one listen to “You’re A Loser” and tell me that you don’t hear a bit of “Connie, I’ve Found the Door” or “High in High School.”  Then there’s the very Weezer-y “Move This” and my personal favorites “Don’t Live” and “Hi Friend;” all three songs drip with ‘90s indie rock spirit and soul.  In fact the entire record is an ode to The Fake Boys influences.  Many of the band’s different nuances didn’t become clear until I was looking at their Facebook page where they listed everyone from The Fastbacks to Superdrag to Black Flag to Weezer to the Ramones to Stiff Little Fingers to Superchunk to The Beatles to The Jam to Morrissey to Queen as influences (just to name a few).  That’s when it really sunk in and how really freaking good this band is became clear.  The Fake Boys have taken the best of what punk rock, and everything that followed it, has offered over the past 40 years and seamlessly and flawlessly mixed it together to create a sound that is all their own while entirely familiar all at the same time.  This band should appeal to fans of just about every sub-genre the lives under the “alternative” umbrella (with the possible exception of fans of the electronic stuff).  Kids who grew up on Jimmy Eat World and The All-American Rejects and their parents who got to see Black Flag and The Replacements back in the ‘80s should all love Pig Factory.  This is easily one of the best albums of 2012 and if there was any justice in the world, this record and band would be huge.

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