Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Album Review: The Lumineers

Title:  The Lumineers (Official, Dualtone RecordsAmazon, iTunes)
Artist:  The Lumineers (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Last.fm, BandCamp, AllMusic)

The Lumineers self-titled full-length debut album is simply beautiful.  This music dances on the fences of folk, indie pop, Americana, gospel, and rock all at the same time.  There are moment when the vocals remind me of the band fun. with their theatrical crescendo-like qualities (but then again fun. Reminds me of Queen).  The Lumineers has an instantly timeless quality to it.  This is the kind of record that is going to sound just as fresh in 20 years as it does today.  In the same way that U2’s The Joshua Tree is a timeless piece of musical perfection, The Lumineers is a classic album that will be listened to for generations to come.

Trying to describe the music on The Lumineers is actually a bit of a challenge.  When I stated that this band jumps between folk, indie pop, Americana, gospel, and rock I wasn’t exaggerating.  This band effortlessly mixes the pure essence and soul of some of the greatest musical traditions that this country has ever produced and makes it their own.  This sound is fresh and unique and familiar all at the same time.  If there was any justice in the world, this record and band would be huge.  Seriously fans of everything from Bob Dylan to Chuck Ragan to old time gospel to the aforementioned fun. and Queen should absolutely love this album.  Easily this is one of the best records of 2012.  I can’t wait to see what these folks come up with next.

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