Thursday, April 05, 2012

Album Review: Happy Miserable

Title:  Happy Miserable (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  August Premier (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,

August Premier’s latest record, Happy Miserable, is a fantastic blast of 10 melodic pop punk gems in the vein of Gameface, Samiam, and The Loved Ones.  In fact, August Premier really has that mid-tempo style that is mostly pop punk but is on the verge of crossing over to melodic and post hardcore down pat.  One review of the record stated
“…August Premier delivers hard-charging and anthemic blue-collar pop-punk-rock that sounds distinctly Chicago but is deceptively hard to pigeonhole. With nods to everything from Rise Against to Journey to Alkaline Trio, Happy Miserable brings a palatable sense of longing to the table and sounds instantly familiar.
I think that is a very fair description of the record.  In fact a lot of the reviews of Happy Miserable that I’ve seen make comparisons and/or references to Alkaline Trio.  Admittedly I really don’t hear that much Alkaline Trio (or Rise Against for that matter) in August Premier but I can see how people would make that comparison.  The band that I would compare August Premier to more than any other is The Loved Ones.  There is that same sense of energy and melody in Happy Miserable that has made ever Loved Ones release so epicly good.  And this record is really, really, really, really freaking good.  Trying to pick out a favorite track or a standout moment is pretty much impossible because top to bottom Happy Miserable is one of the best records not only of the year, but in this genre.

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