Saturday, April 14, 2012

Album Review: From Where You Are

Title:  From Where You Are (Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Sunday Lane (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube,

Tulsa, OK singer/songwriter Sunday Lane’s full-length debut album From Where You Are is a beautiful pop masterpiece.  A classically trained pianist, Lane has produced a record full of stunning melodies driven by her Dolly Parton-esque vocals.  What’s great about this record, besides the obvious (Lane’s amazing voice) is that while it is a pop record, it’s a smart pop record.  Songs like “A Little Too Young,” “Get To You,” and “Waiting for You” could easily be huge hits but this is music that requires something of the listener.  Often pop music, even the good pop music, doesn’t ask much of the listener; is fluff.  The songs on From Where You Are are not fluff.  “Painted Blue” for example is a dark and haunting ballad that expresses a desperation and sadness that is so honest that it’s hard to believe those emotions came from a pop song.  Sunday Lane seems to connect with music in the same way that Adele does (not that they sound alike because they don‘t, but both ooze with earnest sincerity).  “Us Against Them” is another power ballad.

From Where You Are is an outstanding record that is sure to be considered one of the best of the year by any who hear it.  One thing’s for certain, Sunday Lane has a bright future ahead of her.

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