Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 Questions with Sticky Stranglets

Sticky Stranglets is an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City.  The band released their debut album, Scissor Hissy, in October 2011. 

For more information on Sticky Stranglets check out their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, YouTube,  BandCamp, CD Baby, PureVolume, SoundCloud, AmazingTunes, Whotune, and ReverbNation pages.

This interview was conducted with Chris Cody via email April 13, 2012

Dave:  How did the band get together?  

Chris Cody:  I (Chris W. Cody) was attending an art-walk at The Velvet Monkey in The Plaza District in late 2009. My first band from high school, Psymbience was playing and I ran into my old buddy James Datis who I knew from my Alseep, Audience...Dream days in The Paseo Art District at our rehearsal spot. James would tend bar at shows there and he also went on our regional tours to help us out with camera work, gear, and other various tasks.  

  I had my first solo gig the following month and needed to book an opener, so I asked James if he wanted the gig.(his first!) From there we played the solo show and just started working on the project together. We played a couple of gigs around town as Sticky Strangelets which basically consisted of James on vocals and acoustic guitar for his solo songs, with me on bells, and vice-verse.  

  We were loaned a 24-track digital recorder from a good friend for our debut album and I recruited my close friend and former band mate M. Sean Miller to play drums, guitars and help produce and engineer the record. He's been jamming with us ever since. Sean was instrumental in solidifying us as a band.

  While finishing up the recoding sessions, we decided to do an tripped-out jam song that we would invite our friends in on. One of these friends was my brother-in-law, Chris Gianettino. I knew he could play guitar, so he started jamming with the regular group and has been with us since then. 

Dave:  What’s the story behind the name Sticky Stranglets?

Chris:  First off, to clear up any confusion, our name is pronounced: "sti-ke strange-lets".  I just didn't like that extra "e" in there. I know it's looks like we all about strangling people with syrup, but that's just an urban myth. 

  So, as an avid fan of quantum physics and waffles, the name just kinda came together.

Dave:  For those who have never heard the band, how would you describe your sound?

Chris:  Our sound is that of Rock and Roll. It isn't easily defined (by us ay least), but our roots are in Garage, Psychedelic, Punk, Alternative, Indie...

Dave:   Late last year you released your debut album, Scissor Hissy, through your own label Sticky Beaver.  What made you decide to go this route?  Is the label solely for releasing your material or do you have plans for releasing records for other artists?  

Chris:  Sticky Beaver is my home DIY garage studio.(I live on Beaver Ave.) It's a way to collaborate with our friends and their related projects. We wanted to challenge ourselves to handle all of the aspects of creating an album with the tools we had available, so we got our friends together and made an album. 

Dave:  What’s the story behind the record?  Will there be a physical release of the album?

Chris:  We had a great release show at The Hilo in October of last year. It was well attended and the first time the current lineup played a show together. 

  We ran 300 physical copies of Scissor Hissy(that are mostly gone) and have recently made the digital download available for free at our bandcamp site:

You can purchase a physical copy at our CD Baby site (limited availability):

  The second album to be released on Sticky Beaver is the solo project of our drummer/co-producer Sean Miller. Look for it to drop this Summer in the physical format, but an un-masterd free download is already available at his bandcamp site, if you'd like a preview:

  We look forward to working with other musicians and friends with their future projects, but as of now it's just Sticky Stranglets and Shani the Star on this DIY "label". 

Dave:  Does the band have any specific type of songwriting process?

Chris:  James, Chris G., and I are all songwriters for this project. Normally we just develop a basic structure for the songs individually and then the band will flip it until we feel it's ready to record. 

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in Oklahoma?  

Chris:  I think the music scene (and art scene) are getting better all the time. There are lots of great bands/artists and venues around OKC, Tulsa, Norman, Stillwater,...I think the best is yet to come.

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top 5 favorite artists/bands, albums, movies, television shows, books/authors?  

Chris:  - 5 favorite artists/bands, albums: The Beatles -The White Album, The Doors(self titled), Pink Floyd - The Wall, Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation, and Radiohead - OK Computer. (My favorite bands, or what I'm currently listening to as of today are: Placebo, Awolnation, Silversun Pickups, The Dears, and Portugal. The Man) 
- 5 favorite movies: Star Wars, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, Coming to America, and pretty much anything with Bill Murray. 
  - 5 favorite television shows: Mr. Show w/ Bob and Dave, South Park, The Walking Dead, Always Sunny..., Thunder Basketball!(Season ticket holder!)
 - 5 favorite books/authors: Animal Farm by: George Orwell, The Giving Tree by: Shel Silverstein, The Art of War by: Sun Tzu, Ideas and Opinions by: Albert Einstein, and The Bible by: various contributors. 

Dave:  What’s next for the band?  

Chris:  We're currently back in the studio working on our second LP entitled Corn Dog Bones. We're working on hosting and putting a festival together this Fall that would include lots of different acts (from metal, to punk, to indie to hip-hop, to psyche to whatever!) from all over the region. We're planning on working with our buddy from Tulsa, Maria Fantasma on a split EP sometime soon. We've also been talking to some industry-type people about representation and backing from a label, so we'll see what happens. We're having a great time doing what we do and are looking forward to doing it for as long as we can. 

Dave:  Any final thoughts?  

Chris:  We just hope everyone continues to support local art and music. Thanks and Cheers!


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