Saturday, March 10, 2012

Underappreciated Band Alert: Armchair Martian

Armchair Martian was a pop punk / alt country band led by Jon Snodgrass.  In their all-too-short career, they  released four full-length albums, all of which were fantastic.  Since Armchair Martian called it a day, Snodgrass has played in Drag the River with ALL’s Chad Price.  Sadly the band’s four records are either out of print or really hard to get a hold of, and that is a crime.

For those who have never heard Armchair Martian, they had a sound that mixed elements of pop punk (ala ALL/Descendents), alt country (ala Uncle Tupelo), and college rock (ala Husker Du).  In the interview I did with Snodgrass he stated “…I wanted to start a band that didn't sound like Uncle Tupelo, so I started a band that sounded like Husker Du. I'm kidding....kinda. It's all just mid-western rock and roll to me. You're influenced and try not to be too derivative. I have my own thing but I come from that school of sound and region for sure.”

For more information on Armchair Martian check out their MySpace,, AllMusic, and Wikipedia pages.    Also check out Jon Snodgrass' Facebook page.

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