Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Political Typology Quiz

I found this on Facebook recently; it’s the Pew Research Center’s Political Typology Quiz.  According to the quiz I am “Post-Modern,” which means –
What They Believe
·        Generally supportive of government, though more conservative on race policies and the safety net
·        Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection
·        Most (56%) say Wall Street helps the economy more than it hurts
·        Very liberal on social issues, including same-sex marriage
·        One of the least religious groups: nearly a third are unaffiliated with any religious tradition
·        Favor the use of diplomacy rather than force
Who They Are
·        The youngest of the typology groups: 32% under age 30
·        A majority are non-Hispanic white and have at least some college experience
·        Half live in either the Northeast or the West
·        A majority (58%) live in the suburbs
·        63% use social networking
·        One-in-five regularly listen to NPR; 14% regularly watch The Daily Show

I’m not really sure if this is really a good representation of my political beliefs but oh well.  Overall I am supportive of many government programs but think that most need to be overhauled and made more efficient, I’m big on protecting the environment, I’m not completely opposed to big companies but I do think that they wield far too much power and that modern America is on its way to becoming an oligarchy, I am liberal on social issues, am a very spiritual but not religious person, and I think that more should be done through diplomacy (but recognize that sometimes that fails and military action is required).  When I break things down to specific major issues, my stances often drive those on both the left and the right crazy.  On the demographic side, I am white, live in a suburb, use social networking, and listen to NPR on a regular basis (I do not watch The Daily Show). 

On a somewhat related note, I’ve decided to change my political party registration back to Independent.  While I agree with much of the Oklahoma Democratic Party’s platform and mission statement, I am just not comfortable belonging to either of the two major parties.  Part of what has turned me off is the constant barrage of emails from the Democrats (locally and nationally) that essentially amount to nothing more than Republicans bad, Democrats good.  I’m sorry but that is such a simplistic and intellectually dishonest way of looking at the world that it makes me want to throw up.  I hate it when conservatives/Republicans do this and I hate it when liberals/Democrats do it.  Both parties are corrupt and care more about their own power than actually doing something to help the people of this country.  So tomorrow morning I shall head down to the tag agency and fill out a new voter registration card.  It will feel good to be an Independent again.

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