Monday, March 05, 2012

EP Review: Where the Light Still Shines

Title:  Where the Light Still Shines (BandCamp)
Artist:  A Common Year (Official, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BandCamp,, Wikipedia)

A Common Year is an indie/pop/emo/punk band (think Jimmy Eat World) from Indianapolis, IndianaWhere the Light Still Shines is the band’s follow up EP to their 2010 debut album Between Cities; both releases were recorded and released completely independently by the band. 

The EP opens with “Ending A Chapter,” a catchy, upbeat number that has a anthem of a chorus.  Next is “Sundown,” a mid-tempo tune with another anthem for a chorus.  “Try” is another mid-tempo number with a big and hooked filled chorus.  The EP closes out with “A Little More” and “Empty Space.”  “A Little More” reminds me of something that could have appeared in an ‘80s teen movie while “Empty Space” is a sparse ballad. 

Overall Where the Light Still Shines is a good EP, with the first three songs being the standout moments.  Any of these songs I could easily hear getting played on the radio or appearing in a variety of different movies or television shows (especially on The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle).  And while this is a good EP, I get the feeling that the band is still growing and sorting things out with their music and songwriting.  What Where the Light Still Shines really shows is a band on the verge of going from good to great.  This band has a ton of potential and could become something really big.  The fact that they recorded this EP completely on their own shows what they are capable of and if they worked with someone like a Bill Stevenson or Stephen Egerton they could learn how to really hone their songwriting skills into something impressive. 

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